We shine the spotlight on some of the nation’s everyday heroes…


Now more than ever, we’ve been going out of our way to show appreciation for the nation’s unsung heroes.

From giant billboards to national fundraising, the great big grand gestures have united us all in saying a special thank you to the bin collectors, supermarket workers, cleaners and carers.

Even the smallest acts deserve a special shout out right now. After all, it’s these demonstrations of resilience and positivity that have kept our nation strong throughout the crisis.

That’s why Actimel has chosen to shine a light on our Everyday Heroes with a nationwide search for the champions that walk among us.

Whether it’s your mum, dad, friend, neighbour or co-worker, everyone knows someone who deserves to be celebrated for their commitment, kindness and bravery during these uncertain times.

Like Steph, from Gateshead, a fulltime Healthcare Assistant on a Covid-19 ward who was nominated to be an Everyday Hero by her friend Andrew who thinks she’s ‘the definition of compassion and heroism’.

In her spare time, Steph has been organising collections of toiletries and other nice things to help improve the quality of life for patients who aren’t allowed visitors during the outbreak.

After finding out she was one of Actimel’s Everyday Hero winners, Steph said: ‘I’m so happy to have been recognised for the work I have been doing during this difficult time and am so grateful for the nomination.’

From the grand gestures to the simple acts of kindness, our nation’s unsung heroes have been spreading joy across the country throughout the pandemic

Those who can bring a smile to a friend or neighbour’s face during these uncertain times deserve to be celebrated
And while Actimel’s competition may be over, you still have the chance to nominate the person who inspires you and celebrate them.

Every single person will be featured in the nationwide Everyday Hero Tracker, joining thousands already recognised for their resilience in these tough times.

It could be a local teacher who’s kept key worker children safe and occupied throughout the lockdown or a volunteer who’s joined in with the relief efforts just to help out.

Postal worker Clifford, from Middlesex, was nominated by his daughter Phoebe, who said: ‘He is my father, best friend and the local postman who’s been delivering through all of this madness, ensuring everyone’s parcels and letters arrive safely.

‘He’s friendly, reliable, amazing and I love him.’

Show the love for the person who inspires you at work, at home or in your local neighbourhood
In the north east of England, Andrew nominated ‘kind, caring and hardworking’ healthcare worker Cheryl, who has been looking after elderly and vulnerable residents in County Durham.

He says: ‘Cheryl keeps their spirits high when their families can’t visit them, risking her own health, but doing what she loves best. She’s an inspiration and I’m so proud of her.’

Celebrate your #everydayheroes by simply clicking here and in no more than 50 words tell us why they are your Everyday Hero**.

Celebrate your hero along with thousands of other heroes already featured on Actimel’s nationwide Everyday Hero Tracker (Picture: Actimel.co.uk)
Supporting the nation’s heroes

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